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Mark Davies from PJD Holdings PLC commissioned an extensive photographic archive of the building that he was embarking on renovating in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

The first part of the brief was to capture the character and state (of disrepair) of this historic landmark building and to document the 18 month process of its renovation.

The second part of the brief was to create a photographic artwork to hang pride of place in the new reception foyer.

The final image was presented on a 20 foot block canvas.

The finished design on display in the reception foyer

The finished design (digitally rendered 10 foot long)

Detail: section 1

Detail: section 2

Detail: section 3

Detail: section 4

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  • Writer's pictureJack Lloyd

A photographic story spanning a 20 year journey for Ann and her family after having purchased a run-down farm house in Belgium.

The design incorporates ground plans, historical photos of their building dating from the early 1940's and 50's and mixed together with photos from the family themselves taken in the 1990's when they first took on the project. Pictures of the final stages of the project are juxtaposed against this vintage backdrop creating a wonderful artwork and memento to such a large part of this families history and adventure!

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